TechnoBit has observed, in its experience with asphalt for the last 12 years, that quality of Bitumen varries. Working with utmost dedication and committment towards our business, and also keeping in mind the fast growing technologies in this industry which has changed the scenerio of bitumen manufacturing industry, TechnoBit has installed fully automated, well known, imported plants to their manufacturing facility, which monitors each and every specification of asphalt to be modified according to IS codes.

  1. Techno Cationic bitumen emulsion

    As per IS 8887 : 2004

  2. Techno PMB – Polymer Modified Bitumen

    As per IRC SP 53

  3. Techno CRMB – Crumb Rubber Modifire Bitumen

    As Per IRC SP 53

  4. Techno Paving Grade Bitumen VG40

    As Per IS 73:2006

  5. Techno Anti Stripping Agent

    As Per IS: 14982 / 2001 & MORT & H REF. MANUAL

  6. Techno Microsurfacing System