Techno Cationic Bitumen Emulsion As Per IS 8887:2004

Techno - A TRUSTED BRAND OF TECHNO CATIONIC BITUMEN EMULSION The Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion is a stable dispersion of bitumen in water with the help of suitable emulsifying agent. Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion is produced in accordance to IS: 8887:2004. It is ideal for use in Tack Coat, Curing, Slurry Seal, Fog seal, Surface Dressing, Crack Fillers, Dust Binding, Soil Stabilization, Cold Mix and Recycling etc.


As Per IS 8887:2004, IS 8887: 1995 & AS PER ASTM We manufacture 5 grades of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. They are: · Rapid Setting (RS-1 ) Recommended for tack coat applications · Recommended for surface dressing, grouting · Medium Setting (MS): Use d for repair work /surface dressing /penetration macadam · Slow Setting (SS-1): Used for Prime Coat. Crack sealing and fog seal. · Slow Setting (SS-2) Used for slurry seal, road mixes and for prime coat applications.

Advantage Of Using Techno Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

• Because of cold application, the dose of Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion can be properly maintained while mixing with course and/or fine aggregates. Proportion of Bitumen in every layer of the mix is uniform since Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion is homogenous.
• The opposite electrical charge between Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion and hydrophilic aggregates (mostly available in India) contributes Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion with a built-in anti stripping property.
• Since no heating is required, Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion is environment friendly, cost saving and free from dust and smoke.
• Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion can be stored for one year due to its high storage stability property.
• Since Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion can be used with wet aggregate, it can be used during the monsoon too

How To Store And Handle Techno Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

Precautions should be required for storage and handling of Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion for obtaining best performance and the recommendations are:

• To and fro rolling of Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion Drums several times before use.
• Use Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion between 5° to 85° C.
• Store un-used quantity of in air-tight container properly sealed for further use. It is required inorder to protect emulsion from oxidation due to contact with outer / external climate environment.
• Use of Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion on dusty surface should be avoided.
•Mixing of water in Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion is not recommended.
• Never mix different grades of Techno Bitumen Cationic Emulsion together.

Packing Of Techno Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

• In 200 Kg. New, A1- reconditioned mild steel drums with screw-type cap seal.
• In 200 Kg. capacities HDPE Drums.
•It is also available in bulk tanker of 15, 20 & 24 MT.
•It can also be processed at site as per buyer’s requirement.

Product Specifications

Techno PMB – Polymer Modified Bitumen As Per IRC SP 53

Flexible pavements constitute major portion of existing Road Network and Airfields in India.
Techno Polymer Modified Bitumen meets the requirements in accordance with PMB of IS 15462-2004, I.R.C: 53-2004/IRC: 53-2010 specifications designed for pavement applications. Techno Polymer Modified Bitumen is a highly specialized blend of Bitumen with high quality polymer (Elastomeric) manufactured with a specially blended feed, making the binder homogenous and storage stable. It enhances the key properties of asphalt mixes, i.e. deformation resistance and fatigue life and provides overall extended pavement life. Polymer Modified Bitumen can be used in asphalt mix designs which result in the manufacture of cohesive asphalt mix with good elasticity suitable for type of traffic.


Techno PMB 120: Recommended for cold climate areas.
Techno PMB 70: Recommended for moderate climate areas.
Techno PMB 40: Recommended for hot climate areas.

Advantage Of Using Techno PMB

• Increase in softening point and decrease in the brittleness ensures more protection against hot Climatic Conditions.
• Increase in elastic recovery ensuring protection against cold climatic condition.
• Better adhesion of the binder to the aggregate.
• Water resistance properties are increased.
• Resistance to stripping and low temperature cracking.

Application Of Techno PMB

• On Heavy traffic levels, curves, crossroads etc.
• Where there is risk of high and low road surface temperatures.
• For heavy duty applications.
• As Bond coats.
• To improve durability in remote areas.
• In high rainfall areas and high stress conditions.

Packing Of Techno PMB

• In 200 Kg. New, A1- reconditioned mild steel drums with screw-type cap seal.
• It is also available in bulk tanker of 15, 20 & 24 MT.
• It can also be processed at site as per buyer’s requirement.

Product Specification

Techno CRMB – Crumb Rubber Modifire Bitumen As Per IRC SP 53

The Techno CRMB facility at TechnoB it follows the latest production process of using high shear mixing technology ensuring perfect homogenization to produce high quality and storage stable Techno CRMB. Calibrated load cells weigh out the various solid ingredients in exact quantities to provide consistent properties batch after batch. Bitumen is fed through flow meters. This enables TechnoBi t to meet and exceed all specifications as per IS: 15462-2004 and as required by the Indian Construction industry.
Techno CRMB can be used for wearing courses at heavy trafficked roads, busy intersections, bridge decks and round abouts for increased life of the surfacing.


Techno CRMB 50
Techno CRMB 55
Techno CRMB 60

Advantage Of Using Techno CRMB

• Improved adhesion and bonding with aggregates, Higher Softening Point, High Flow resistance Higher resistance to deformation at increased Road temperature enhances smoother drive comforts.
• and Higher Impact
• Resistance to withstand movement of Heavy Vehicular Traffic.
• Higher Skid Resistance, Better Road Grip and smother vehicle break application reduces accident chances substantially.
• Higher elongation and Tensile strength, increases elasticity, reduced Thermal Sensitivity reduces the chances of all types of cracks under stress.
• Reduces degree of rutting, improves driving comfort even on Higher Axle Load.
• Higher Anti- Stripping properties and highly resistance to moisture / water absorption reduces the chance of damage of roads during heavy rain even under improper drainage.

Application Of Techno CRMB

Techno CRMB shall be used in suitable Hot Mix Plant with dry aggregates, a little higher temperature than applied in case of conventional Bitumen.
• Before using, it should be agitated in molten condition with suitable device for homogeneity whether it is supplied in drums or tankers.
• Should not be heated repeatedly or over heated to retain its properties.
• Techno CRMB can be applied as tack coat for Bituminous Concrete, when used in suitable amount.

Packing Of Techno CRMB

• In 200 Kg. New, A1- reconditioned mild steel drums with screw-type cap seal.
• It is also available in bulk tanker of 15, 20 & 24 MT.
• It can also be processed at site as per buyer’s requirement.

Product Specification

Techno Paving Grade Bitumen VG40 As Per IS 73:2006

Techno Bitumen VG-40 is special formulated bitumen, which is obtained by a technique of physical / chemical modification that alters the chemistry and balance of the bituminous components to a desired optimum. They are formulated to resist both pavement rutting at higher temperatures and thermal shrinkage cracking at lower temperatures. In addition, Techno bitumen VG-40 better withstand fatigue at normal operating temperatures.
Techno Bitumen VG-40 combines the characteristic advantages of softer grades at low temperatures and of harder grades at high temperatures.
Techno Bitumen VG-40 can be used in various asphalt mix designs and techniques which result in the manufacture of cohesive asphalt mixes suitable for any type of traffic.
Techno Bitumen VG-40 increases the stability of the asphalt mix at any temperature and enhances long lasting surface characteristics.
Techno Bitumen VG-40 is suitable for heavy traffic road, airport runway and taxiway, container terminals.

Advantage Of Using Techno Paving Grade Bitumen VG40

Durability, Road Safety, Risk management, Lo w Temperature Mixing and Sustainable Development
• TECHNOBIT can manufacture up to 500 MT of VG40 per day with unmatched consistency.
• VG40 obtained post modification of VG10/VG30 meets IS 73 – 2013 specifications.
• Homogeneity in properties, as no phase separation takes place during the modification process.
• Most compatible process, with no detrimental effect on the mix properties.
• TechnoBit ensures modification of Vg10 / VG30 to VG40 at the project site.

Packing Of Techno Paving Grade Bitumen VG40

• In 200 Kg. New, A1- reconditioned mild steel drums with screw-type cap seal.
• It is also available in bulk tanker of 15, 20 & 24 MT.
• It can also be processed at site as per buyer’s requirement.

Product Specification

Techno Anti Stripping Agent As Per IS 14982 / 2001 & MORT & H REF. MANUAL

Techno Anti Stripping Agent is a specially formulated compound for improvement of adhesion between Bitumen & Aggregates so as to avoid stripping of Bitumen on aggregates. It strengthens the bond between Bitumen & Aggregates which will not be dislodged by water

Requirement Of Techno Anti Stripping Agent

• One of the most common problems faced by highway departments is stripping.
• Stripping usually occur when there is a loss of adhesion between the aggregate and the asphalt binder.
• Sometimes it may also be due to cohesion within the asphalt binder itself.
• These problems ensue due to a lot of factors and one of them is exposure to natural elements such as heat, rain and snow. It also includes wear and tear due to traffic and aging.
• Although non-stripping asphalt has not been produced, there are measures that can be applied to prolong the life span of our highways. Today, there are a wide variety of anti-stripping agents which can be used to make the asphalt more durable.
• Anti-strip additives or ASAs come in a variety of compositions which greatly varies from each other.
• Some ASAs come in liquid form while others come in a powder form just like cement.
• There are a lot of reasons why a pavement or asphalt gets stripped. Some of these are weak aggregate, too much void content or air bubbles, mixing temperature, storage, poor drainage, excessive dust coating and exposure to the elements. So far, the solution to this is to anti-stripping agents.
• Anti-stripping agents help keep the bond between the aggregate and the binder. In short it keeps the asphalt intact. Studies had shown that roadways threated with anti-strip compounds tend to last longer and be more resilient to the regular wear and tear as compared to pavements that were not treated with ASAs.
• They also exhibited greater resistance to moisture which is very significant as moisture is the prime suspect for causing road damage.

Advantage Of Using Techno Anti Stripping Agent

• Adding lime to the cement or asphalt mixture can be done by sprinkling the lime on top of the newly constructed pavement or by adding the powdered lime into the slurry while it is being mixed.
• Mixing lime with the slurry can cause excessive loss of lime even before the binder can be added while sprinkling them on the aggregate will not ensure an even coat.
• That is why liquid anti-strip agents are becoming more and more popular as there are liquid ASAs which comes in par with lime when it comes to toughening up a pavement.

Packing Of Techno Anti Stripping Agent

• In 200 Kg. New, A1- reconditioned mild steel drums with screw-type cap seal.
• It is also available in bulk tanker of 15, 20 & 24 MT.
• It can also be processed at site as per buyer’s requirement.

Product Specification

Techno Microsurfacing System

A premier micro surfacing system used around the world for pavement preservation and maintenance. Developed in Germany in late 1960’s, it has been used in over 25 countries with proven track record of success. micro surfacing is the quickest returnto-traffic system, designed to carry traffic within 30 minutes to an hour.
Micro surfacing system is a five component system comprising of: A) Polymer modified asphalt emulsion, B) Dense graded aggregate & mineral filler, C) Additive, D) water, E) Cement.
These components are cold mixed together in a micro surfacing machine and applied to the pavement through a spreader box.

Benefits Of Using Techno Microsurfacing System

• Restores skid resistance.
• Alleviates cracked or porous surface.
• Corrects Bleeding.
• Seals dry or aged pavement.

image 1


Advantages Of Techno Microsurfacing System

• Quick Setting
• Early opening to traffic.
• Higher resistance to abrasion.
• Can be used for high traffic corridors.
• Fast construction.
• Less air / noise pollution.
• Cost effective.
• Prevents reflective cracking.
• Seals wide cracks effectively.
• Delays in hardening of bitumen due to environment.
• No rolling is required.
• Preservation of pavement & structural strength.

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Future In India

• Microsurfacing is rapidly getting accepted by National Highway B.O.T. Operators for road maintenance.
• Keep best riding quality by using less material, energy and money.
• Highest Efficiency in work execution.
• Lowest traffic impact.

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Product Specification